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I would like to invite for a evening of beverages and relaxed conversation at my local barbershop, Supreme's Barber Lounge in Coral Springs. Most of you may not know, but my father was a barber and I spent most of my formative years working in his barbershop. I would either listen or participate in many of the conversations that took place in his barbershop. So whether it's politics, sports or any other topic, Shop Talk will be an event where all subjects can be discussed, this is a personal event for me and I would love to have you and your friends to join us.
Throughout history, barbershops have been an important cornerstone in many communities, where many people got their news and updates on current events. As we continue to advance further into the future, it's important that we take time and pay homage to the institutions that helped push us forward. That is the crux of my campaign, moving Coral Springs #ANewWayForward, while taking special care to build upon Coral Springs' storied history.


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